Monday, July 16, 2012

My Top 5 favorite products

1.7oz   7.00$ local drug store
Garneir Moisture Rescue
I suffer from extreamly oily skin and was having a difficult time trying to find a moisturizer that didn't leave my skin greasy or make me break out. All the cream ones I used even the oil free seemed to leave a oily residue on my skin. My friend recommended Garnier Moisture Rescue and I instantly fell in love with it. I use it before I put on my makeup and before bed, its extreamly light and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean. I would recommend this to anyone with any type of skin.

0.17oz     17.50 M.A.C
Mac Paint Pot "Painterly"
I do not own a lot of Mac products because I cannot afford them and I am extreamly cheap and will only purchase them if they are on sale or if I get them for a gift. But this is one product I would splurge on because I simplycould not live without it. I use it as a eye primer, some primers I have used makes my eye feel greasy,and does not prevent creasing the way I would like. It is a completely matte shade and covers the lid completely leaving you with a clear canvus for your eye makeup. It is also a lot thicker than a primer so you need only a little bid, I like to apply it with my finger not with a brush like the lady told me to because my finger warms the product and it is easier to apply.

3.00$ Target or
Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

I have dozen of elf products and honestly it is either hit or miss, some stuff I instantly love than others are complete waste of money. On one of my recent elf hauls I came across this duo and had to have it, I had been experimenting with contouring this seemed like a reasonble product to start with because of its amazing price. These two powders are so extreamly pigmented it's unbelivable. Even better it is only 3 dollars!!! The blush is a lovely pink shade with a hint of golden specks while the bronzer isn't completly matte like a contouring color should be the hind of gold flecks isn't enough to notice on your skin.

88 Shimmer Pallet from Costal Scents
This is worth every penny the colors are so easy to blend and are extreamly pigmented. This is the first pallet I ever purchased and I would buy it over and over again worth every penny. I will definatly do another entry focusing more on this pallet in the future. 
Finishing Touch Dimond 
12.99 Walgreens 
This is not really a product but still my favorite item I own. Being a latina I have a lot of thick facial hair that grows back quickly. And going to waxing treaments was costing me forty dollars a month. I am not gonna lie I was very apprehensive about using something like this on my face because I was afraid it would grow back like a man but it didn't!!!! It is a close shave an easy to clean even comes with a eye brow trimmer. 

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