Sunday, July 22, 2012

Plus Size Fashion Tips

I am a bigger girl and I find it extreamly difficult for me to find clothes that look good on me. Here are some tips that I have learned throughout the years that I think can be used on any body size

Accentuate your best features
For me I have small legs so I like to accentuate them because it is the smallest part of me. So shorts leggings skirts those kinda things, if you have bigger legs and then show off your arms. Just find what is the best part of you and play it up.

Don't show to much
There are some things that you cannot wear when you are bigger, tube tops, bikinis, booty shorts. I know that isn't right but unfourtunatly thats the reality of it. I mean you don't have to dress like an amish women wear short shorts that go down a  further, get a flowy tank top instead of a tube top. Get a two piece swim suit that covers your whole torso. I mean you can still stress nice but just make small ajustments.

Wear a tank top underneath your clothes
I have been doing this for years it give you smoother look to your clothing and makes your look thinner.

I love cartigans and coverups blazers with a cute tank top or shirt underneath makes you look thinner.

Just Because
  • Gonna Waste 3 hours of my life watching the Bachlorette

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