Saturday, July 21, 2012

Revlon Color Stay Whipped

I am so excited to review this product because revlon colorstay foundation has to be my favorite foundation of all time, so I was curious to try the whipped version. When I picked it up at walmart I was kinda disapointed with the packaging. I mean there is more bottle than product itself, its pretty and all but I would rather pay for the product not the packaging. 

 I applied it with an foundation brush and was very pleased with how well it blended in, with the regular color stay I felt like I had to work more quickly to apply it because it set faster. This one has a more creamy consistancy (duh) and only takes a tiny bit to cover my whole face. I don't think this is a 24 hour foundation maybe 12 throughout the day you will need to apply some powder throught the day and it will be fine. Hope you enjoy 

At the end of ever post I am going to include "Just Because" I will put tiny little thoughts some of my favorite thinks that aren't beauty related. Whats going on in my life, things that are just to short to create a whole post about.

Just Because
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