Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Top 15 Favorite Songs

 Music is something that seems to shed light on the darkest ominous situations into ones of light and joy, understanding and comfort. I am a lover of all music Classical, Hip Hop, R&B to Show tunes. I don’t think that I could choose just one so I am going to choose my top 15 :) feel free to suggest any on your favorite songs I am always interested in discovering new music.

15. Someone Like You- Adele

14. Dream a Little Dream of Me-Michael Buble

13. I Didn't Know My Own Strength- Whitney Houston

12. Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64: I. Allegro molto appassionato Mendelson

11 .Caress Me Down- Sublime

10. All I Ask of You- Andrew Lloyed Webber

9. Gabriel and The Vagabond- Froy Vance

8. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley

7. I Just Called to Say I Love You- Stevie Wonder

6. Puke- Emeniem

5. Humoresque No. 7 in G-flat Major, Op. 101- Antonín Dvořák

4. The Girl is Mine- Michael Jackson

3. I Fall to Pieces- Patsy Cline

2. You and I- Lady Gaga

1. My Funny Valentine- Ela Fitzgerald

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kindness is Key

The one thing that I live by everyday of my life is to treat every person I come into contact with like it's their last day on earth I try to treat them with caring and understanding Its difficult don't get me wrong sometimes I get mad at my mom or brother say things I shouldn't I'm no mother Theresa. I try to treat my friends with the upmost respect and dignity. One thing I have learned in my short life is that there are mean people out there vicious ugly people out there. Sometimes they are the ones closest to your best friends.  I always remind myself that god will punish those people and I need to pray for them. But make sure that I never treat anyone the way I have been. Friends come and go family is forever 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happiness is a Choice.

Damn sometimes is so hard to choose to be happy! Lately I feel like my life is boring feeling like I have no purpose. I mean trying to be happy when you feel like crap depressed anxious lonely its hard. I wan't something to happen in my life somethings so unbeliveably awsome that it takes my breath away something where I can wake up in the morning and just be excited for the day. I want to choose happiness and most days I do but I just wish it came easily effortlessly

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Haul Time!!

Here are some items that I bought today so excited because usually I am too poor to buy pretty things. From walmart and ulta
Wet n Wild Megalast in Undercover
Some people think that wet n wild products are lousy but I love them. This is my favorite  brand of nail polish goes on smoothe and shiny no clumping.

Maybelline Baby Lips
I finally tried the Maybelline Baby lips and love it, it kinda reminds me of the EOS lip balm. 
NYX Ultra Pearl Metalica
I put on my brow bone as a highlight and on my lip gloss to make it supper shimmery

I love this better than the lip stain that was like a marker so so much better the color is in smitten and it matches very well with my skin color whoot!!

Maybelline lots of lashes mascara 
Love this I have been used it before I posted this and it made my lashes beautiful lushus and long that the way I like it. The wand is small and is great for your bottom lashes

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Meaning Behind This Blog

Hi Guys!! :) I have thought long and hard about what I want my blog to be about I keep thinking about. I was up late thinking about what beauty stuff to post but there are is so much more to me than that. I just want this blog to be for me teaching myself how to be beautiful on the inside my journey to loving myself and becoming the person I want to be. I love beauty, crafts, music so many more things. I just want a place to connect with people and share my life and what makes me happy. Share the ups and downs of life :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meditation Time!! :)

I ocassionally deal with anxiety or stress just like a lot of people around the world one way that helps me cope with it is guided meditaion there are a lot of websites that devote their content to providing free episodes. Here are some websites that I visit

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer 2012

Me my brother Gabe and My Cousins Stepahanie and Philip

My Cousin Andrew is Four years old!! Love me him so so much he had to have a spiderman cake

Visited my grandparent at their cabin in colorado

Stephanie Philip and my baby Louie

Elastic Bands

Hi Everyone!!I can't believe that I havent found these sooner I have been into braiding my hair lately and these work so much better than regular hair bands plus they are clear so you can barely see them in your hair. Maybe everyone has already known about these but I guess I didn't get the memo LOVE LOVE LOVE

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Review

Hello everyone I am excited to share these babies I am in love with them honestly the longest lasting cream shadow I have ever used in my life. I have three of the most boring colors but they look great as a base or a crease color. Here is a photo of all the colors available.

They are about 7 dollars at your local drug store for me they have been sold out everywhere. This is not a normal cream eye shadow this has amazing staying power and absoultly does not crease like other ones that I have tried.
On the left "Tough as Tope" and on the left in "Pomagranat(idk how to spell) Punk"
the tope is totally matte dark greyish color, people have described it as light brown maybe I am crazy but I dont think it is, it is beautiful for adding to a crease or lid. While the Pomagranet Punk is a shimmery dark burgundy color they look beautiful together.
Eternal Gold beautiful gold shimmer color

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Plus Size Fashion Tips

I am a bigger girl and I find it extreamly difficult for me to find clothes that look good on me. Here are some tips that I have learned throughout the years that I think can be used on any body size

Accentuate your best features
For me I have small legs so I like to accentuate them because it is the smallest part of me. So shorts leggings skirts those kinda things, if you have bigger legs and then show off your arms. Just find what is the best part of you and play it up.

Don't show to much
There are some things that you cannot wear when you are bigger, tube tops, bikinis, booty shorts. I know that isn't right but unfourtunatly thats the reality of it. I mean you don't have to dress like an amish women wear short shorts that go down a  further, get a flowy tank top instead of a tube top. Get a two piece swim suit that covers your whole torso. I mean you can still stress nice but just make small ajustments.

Wear a tank top underneath your clothes
I have been doing this for years it give you smoother look to your clothing and makes your look thinner.

I love cartigans and coverups blazers with a cute tank top or shirt underneath makes you look thinner.

Just Because
  • Gonna Waste 3 hours of my life watching the Bachlorette

Praying for Peace

My heart goes out to the people in Aurora, this week has been so strange and has really showed me how fragile life truely is. I really need to learn how to enjoy every moment because in a second it all could be over. The day before the shooting in colorado my dear friend Skye's brother and one of my former classmates died in a tragic DUI accident. Same age as me we walked the same halls attended the same high school and college and now he is gone. My prayers go out to everyone involved in both events, so the enjoy what you have now it might be gone tomorrow

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Revlon Color Stay Whipped

I am so excited to review this product because revlon colorstay foundation has to be my favorite foundation of all time, so I was curious to try the whipped version. When I picked it up at walmart I was kinda disapointed with the packaging. I mean there is more bottle than product itself, its pretty and all but I would rather pay for the product not the packaging. 

 I applied it with an foundation brush and was very pleased with how well it blended in, with the regular color stay I felt like I had to work more quickly to apply it because it set faster. This one has a more creamy consistancy (duh) and only takes a tiny bit to cover my whole face. I don't think this is a 24 hour foundation maybe 12 throughout the day you will need to apply some powder throught the day and it will be fine. Hope you enjoy 

At the end of ever post I am going to include "Just Because" I will put tiny little thoughts some of my favorite thinks that aren't beauty related. Whats going on in my life, things that are just to short to create a whole post about.

Just Because
  • Haul to come plus size fashion tips
  • Weight Loss Post 
  • Love Love Snapple Ice Tea OMG!!
  • New Iphone Case pumped!! 

Friday, July 20, 2012


I am flawed there is no way in hell I consider myself a "perfect" person I mean who is? I didn't learn how to be happy and alright with who I am until a short time ago. Don't get me wrong I still look in the mirror and want to change things my weight mostly. I finally at peace who I am on the inside I mean I am a great person (not to sound cocky) I love who I am a fun loving fat violinist and who give a crap. People out there need to be happy with who they are right now this very second, and if you don't like someting change it!! Life is a journey not a destination and every human in capable of changing and doing anything they put their minds to. Lesson for today: Love You!!! and you will be free from everything.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All Natural Olive Oil Makeup Remover

 Recently when I was on vacation I forgot my makeup remover and of the life of me couldn't get of my waterproof mascara. My Nana told me to use olive oil she had been using it on her face for years. It came right of almost immediatly with little effort and there was no scent left over. It is completly natural and works amazing, I started putting it a soap despenser and no longer use makeup remover

Monday, July 16, 2012

Why so serious??

I always have to remind myself to not always be so serious to live life in the moment to have fun!! Makeup is about being creative and sometimes just go crazy for no reason. Me and my cousin Philip decided to do kinda a early halloween by doing eachothers makeup. I decided make a zombie while he painted a pretty amazing clown face on myself. It was a blast!! I just used some crayola kids paint which was a lot cheaper than face paint and it came right of. I also used one of my BH pallets on phil

Femme Super Juicies Sheer Review

One product that I haven't seen many reviews on is the Femme Super Juicies Sheer Lip Gloss I have collected many in the last couple of months every time I go into Sally Beauty supply I can't help but  pick one of these babies up to add to my collection. They are about 5 to six dollars and are on sale quite often.
Unforuntaly all the names fell off :( 
I love these because they are not as sticky as the ones from Bath and Body works yet provide the same shine. They are all a sheer shimmer but not overpowering they look like the have glitter but it shows up as a pleasant shimmer on you lips. The smell is lovely vanilla scent that is not overbearing at all. 

My Top 5 favorite products

1.7oz   7.00$ local drug store
Garneir Moisture Rescue
I suffer from extreamly oily skin and was having a difficult time trying to find a moisturizer that didn't leave my skin greasy or make me break out. All the cream ones I used even the oil free seemed to leave a oily residue on my skin. My friend recommended Garnier Moisture Rescue and I instantly fell in love with it. I use it before I put on my makeup and before bed, its extreamly light and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean. I would recommend this to anyone with any type of skin.

0.17oz     17.50 M.A.C
Mac Paint Pot "Painterly"
I do not own a lot of Mac products because I cannot afford them and I am extreamly cheap and will only purchase them if they are on sale or if I get them for a gift. But this is one product I would splurge on because I simplycould not live without it. I use it as a eye primer, some primers I have used makes my eye feel greasy,and does not prevent creasing the way I would like. It is a completely matte shade and covers the lid completely leaving you with a clear canvus for your eye makeup. It is also a lot thicker than a primer so you need only a little bid, I like to apply it with my finger not with a brush like the lady told me to because my finger warms the product and it is easier to apply.

3.00$ Target or
Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

I have dozen of elf products and honestly it is either hit or miss, some stuff I instantly love than others are complete waste of money. On one of my recent elf hauls I came across this duo and had to have it, I had been experimenting with contouring this seemed like a reasonble product to start with because of its amazing price. These two powders are so extreamly pigmented it's unbelivable. Even better it is only 3 dollars!!! The blush is a lovely pink shade with a hint of golden specks while the bronzer isn't completly matte like a contouring color should be the hind of gold flecks isn't enough to notice on your skin.

88 Shimmer Pallet from Costal Scents
This is worth every penny the colors are so easy to blend and are extreamly pigmented. This is the first pallet I ever purchased and I would buy it over and over again worth every penny. I will definatly do another entry focusing more on this pallet in the future. 
Finishing Touch Dimond 
12.99 Walgreens 
This is not really a product but still my favorite item I own. Being a latina I have a lot of thick facial hair that grows back quickly. And going to waxing treaments was costing me forty dollars a month. I am not gonna lie I was very apprehensive about using something like this on my face because I was afraid it would grow back like a man but it didn't!!!! It is a close shave an easy to clean even comes with a eye brow trimmer. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just a Regular Girl

I am no way a "fasionista" just a regular plus sized 19 year old girl from Las Vegas who is obsessed with all things beauty. Growing up I had no one to teach me how to do makeup put an outfit together I learned myself. Even though my mother is my life lets just say that she doesn't have the greatest sense of style or know how to but colors together. This site is composed of all the cosmetics I love, Hauls, tutorials, and dupes. I also belive in being a good person and beauty starts from the inside that I learned from my mother. So there will be posts on how to be the best person you can be from the inside.